I Had A Dream

Have you ever had a dream that you woke up from and thought it was reality? Or maybe woke up and closed your eyes again to try and continue the amazing dream? haha

I have and it happened to me last night. I woke up startled by my alarm and fumbled my phone to turn it off in complete confusion. I didn’t know what in the world was going on. All I knew was that one minute I was experiencing an amazing dream and the next I am up in panic from my obnoxious alarm tone.

I looked around and got completely grounded as I realized I was in my own bed and I was just having a dream. Then I began to think about the dream and how amazing it was. It was almost like remnants of the dream were flashing in my mind. I smiled because the dream I had was absolutely priceless.

I looked at my phone again to check the time and figured 15 more minutes wouldn’t hurt the schedule. So I threw myself back in excitement and closed my eyes. I was desperately trying to piece together the remnants, but it was almost impossible and the feeling wasn’t the same. I jump out of bed, a little frustrated, but still with a smile on my face.

“wow…could you imagine…that would be crazy” I think to myself brushing my teeth.

Now before I move on any further, I want you to know that my dream was NOTHING in comparison to Martin Luther King’s dream. I don’t want to set up a false expectation here. haha!

It was something special to ME and very close to my heart.

I had a dream about living out my dream. WOW, how’s that for confusion? I was dreaming my GOAL manifested…that’s better.

I was standing behind “me” looking at the whole thing unfold. Almost like a really cool camera angel you see in highlight films.

I was wearing a black dress shirt that was draped with a purple velvet sport coat (black velvet elbow pads). I had on black slacks and topped the outfit with black loafers. The buckle on the loafers matched the buckle on my belt, but I could really make out what it was.

I was standing on this beautifully decorated, sleek, high-end stage with huge beaming lights aimed at me. Right off the stage was thousands of people (with all kinds of backgrounds) in the stands attentively listening to my speech. Some were taking notes, some were sitting and some were standing. There were a few people jumping (or making some kind of movement like that) and I saw a sea of clenched fists in the air followed by an aggressive grunted “YEAH!!!”

I hear one guy get up and just busted out with a “WOOOOOO!!!”

It was intense to say the least.

I was speaking motivating and inspiring words. It appeared to be a message these people were waiting to hear their whole lives. I couldn’t make out exactly what was being said, but the crowd was feeding off every single word.

In complete slow motion, a bead of sweat drips down the right side of my face, I rotate my body towards the wall/curtain behind me and point my left index finger to what may have been a white board of some sort. I noticed the veins bursting out of my hand and neck as I made, what apparently was an amazingly profound statement.

The crowd unanimously jumps to their feet with a rush of energy and the entire auditorium/stadium surges into the most powerful uproar! It was absolute electric in that place…


The sound of my alarm completely interrupts my glorious moment. I was devastated…I wanted to know what happened next so bad. But the truth was, I was dreaming…

Being involved in the personal development/self-help arena for so long, I have been dreaming about having my own seminar for years now. And here I was living out that dream in the most intense way.

After I woke up from what seemed like a movie, all I could wonder was what happened next…

I guess the only way to know how the story ends is to make it a REALITY! I will definitely make that happen before I leave earth!

So let me know, have you ever experienced such an intense dream, it felt like real life???

I hope we can make these dreams into our reality together!

To Your Massive Success,



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