Making Mountains Out of Molehills

I was just curious to get a feel for people wanting MAJOR CHANGE in their life…

I was in a conversation with someone and they were mentioning that they wanted MAJOR CHANGE in their life and listed a TON of reasons why. After hearing their viewpoint, I agreed with them that CHANGES needed to be made. The only problem was, that was where the similarities in thought process ended.

This person definitely was viewing the situation as something MAJOR in their minds which meant MAJOR changes ALL at once. Although, this may work for some people, this specific person made ZERO changes because the overwhelming thought of ALL that had to be done paralyzed the “action” part of this solution. I say this often, but I believe it to be true. In MOST cases, we make our problems BIGGER than what they TRULY are; that is not to make light of any situation, but to simply point out a trend…generally speaking.

When we make our problems BIG, we have to take more time to process the situation. Depending on the person, that gives them more time talk themselves out of taking action. If we consider a small problem as BIG, we think that it is going to exert MORE energy, create more headaches, etc.; so NOTHING is done instead.

Simply stated, “Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill” –Jewish Proverb

If you are going through a MAJOR CHANGE or are seeking a MAJOR CHANGE in your life, try to make a simple evaluation. First, analyze the situation to make sure you are not making something SMALL into something BIG. If you analyze the situation and it turns out to be smaller than you initially thought, tackle it immediately and don’t think about it any further. If you analyze the situation and it indeed turns out to be BIG, consider breaking it down into small steps. Break the BIG problem down into bitesize actions steps that you could conquer much easier. These efforts in accomplishing the SMALL steps will then lead to the overall accomplishment of the BIG issue.

In short, if you must go through a MAJOR CHANGE, do it in SMALL increments; one step at a time. Remember, it’s all about perspective. Do not exaggerate the importance of a problem or issue.

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