My Story

My name is Jimmylee Velez and I am from Bristol Borough Pennsylvania. I am a writer, mentor/coach and speaker in the personal development field. Motivating other people to become the BEST versions of themselves, is my passion. 

Here is how it all started...

I have been thoroughly working on the person I am today since 2006. At that time I was introduced to a home based business that used the self-help industry as its backbone. Everything was about becoming a better person and it was basically an incubator for leaders.

Although I wasn’t hugely successful in that particular business, I developed an ample amount of people skills and business insights. I was not only able to grow a massive size team; I was able to generate a residual income. The best part about this experience was that I extracted way more than just a small home based-business.

What was fascinating to me was the weekly meetings. Here I learned firsthand how to handle myself in front of a large crowd and I also learned how to dress to impress. My confidence in myself was rising inside with each meeting I attended. I was holding sophisticated conversations and dream building along the way. I was making connections and helping other people develop in the same way.

An important aspect of the business was the education system. This was where it ALL changed for me. The book of the month and the CD’s literally CHANGED MY LIFE! This was the foundation of my true CALLING in life. This sprouted enthusiasm and excitement I had NEVER experienced up until that point of my life.

Although I was already a reader, the book of the month kept me on track. It also had me focus on one subject; personal development. I was not only becoming educated myself, but it really kicked off the journey of becoming the best version of myself. The books challenged me and made me question who I was and what I was really here for. The books made me strive for excellence in EVERY field, no just my career. I was generating new ideas and learning things about myself I NEVER knew; forcing me to reflect on life more than EVER!

The CD’s that were apart of this self-help/personal development journey added another dynamic to the mix. Besides talking business, finances, marketing and earning an income, I was listening to success stories. This REALLY made it ALL believable to me. I was listening to ordinary folks living extraordinary lives and made me believe I can do the same. The entire mission was to challenge folks and pull the GREATNESS out of them while living a life of pure excellence.

Because of what I learned, I developed multiple personal development/self-help websites. I poured my heart and soul out on these websites to deliver top-quality insights to my audience in the self-help area. I challenged folks to live a purpose driven life in an effort to become the BEST version of themselves.

Fast-forward to today and I am pursuing personal development more than I did all those years ago! I just completed a motivational Spoken Word album titled, The Motivation Files, "Motivation To Master Your Day". It combines music and motivation to give people the BOOST needed to get things done! Coming up next is The Motivation Files book, which is to be released in December of this year.

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