Look At What You Produced!

“Will you look at that. Take a look at it. Just look at it…that’s all you can do, is just look at it” – Ed Bassmaster (comedian) One of my favorite skits, “look at this car” by Ed; absolutely hilarious! It’s a 5 year old video, but with over 26 million views, I’m sure you’ll get a laugh (even if you saw it already). If you have the time to squeeze in a good laugh, jump on YouTube and look this guy up; he is pure entertainment!

Anyway, this little catch phrase, “just look at it” went viral and I thought of it when this topic came to mind. I want you to sit back and think about what you have produced in life; the results. It can be the job you have, the income you are earning, the spouse you attracted, the relationships you have built, etc. Just LOOK at the product.

Now…when you think of what you produced, are you happy, disappointed, or satisfied? Most folks are a little bit of all three. I am not going to drag this onto an extremely long essay about making people feel like crap about themselves. That is not my point at all.

I simply want to help you (briefly) to JUMPSTART your life in the right direction in the FASTEST possible way. And the reason I asked you to reflect on your results is because if you do not know WHERE you are, you cannot accurately describe where you are headed. So, every once in a while you will be knocked to your knees (life does it to us all). The key is to STOP and reflect.

Learning from our experiences is what it is ALL about. Whether good or bad, we have to extract the valuable LESSONS life is teaching us. THIS is how we grow. THIS is how we progress.

Once we are able to acknowledge the lesson, we can THEN change the results. Sometimes I see people do the same thing over and over again yielding the SAME results and settle for such frustration. They blame life and everything under the sun, but fail to make adjustments. I have done this in the past myself, so it’s pretty painful to watch. So if you can understand where you are, appreciate the lesson, and add it into your mind as knowledge reserved for future experiences, you will begin to see the sparks of wisdom flare.

It is at this point you can PRODUCE something that is even MORE valuable. Your results will begin to change and manifest into items of higher frequencies. This element of excellence is a MAJOR factor to becoming outrageously successful. Humbling yourself to begin this process is where it all starts.

I want you to be HAPPY with what you are producing and believe the above tips will at least get you going. Of course I cannot explain such a complex reality of life in a small blog post, but hopefully it will get you going in the right direction; or at least REMIND you of what you need to be doing to attain GREATNESS and experience your FULL POTENTIAL.

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